Solai Group has been providing its professional services for a variety of maintenance and repair works around the kingdom and gulf region for many years.

Drilling is a specialized field that requires the right equipment and the knowledge to back it up. You need a professional maintenance service provider like the Solai Group that keeps up on today’s advanced technology. Our maintenance team is well experienced in maintaining different range of equipment’s which will make your work site safer and more efficient than ever before.

Our team has experience in successfully executing small to large maintenance and repair projects. Our experience covers design/build and execution of these projects. Our team has experience with building renovations and repairs that include architectural work, mechanical and HVAC systems, electrical systems, fire alarm and fire sprinkler renovation, telecommunications systems, structural repairs, and building security systems. We have experience with site maintenance as well as utility systems.

With a full understanding of our clients and their unique requirements, we are able to provide prompt, high-quality building maintenance, repair and general improvement services. When you don’t have the time or the necessary staff, we’ll do the job for you. Plus, utilizing all of our industry resources, we will complete each project with minimal disruption to your daily business functions.