In line with the growing urban development in Saudi Arabia in the public and private sectors that has led to a growing need for specialized engineering offices in the field of engineering and urban planning and medical planning commensurate with the magnitude of the development and growth in the Kingdom And meet the needs of all sectors. dimensions consulting engineers (DCE) established in 1994 (highly qualified consulting and qualified by the Saudi Ministry of health) in order to provide engineering services in the field of urban planning and architectural design and realization of electromechanical engineering and project supervision and design of big projects and consulting Engineering and other different activities depending on the selection of the most skilled engineers, technicians and administrators with high qualifications and expertise in their respective areas of specialization are working as a team in-depth analysis of each project for more satisfactory results, and limitless development We in the effort and perseverance we can develop our mechanisms and to use the latest software in the field of consulting engineering and surveying and geographic information systems (GIS) and soil studies and other activities. Dimensions consulting engineers (DCE) is an integrated engineering system spread their branches in a number of cities in the Kingdom, contributes by delivering services in support of the March of progress, and advance the Kingdom. The Office of dimensions to hold partnerships with global engineering offices to raise efficiency and provide the highest quality standards to clients, technically or project management.